I thought that it would be a good idea to share with you that RateSetter has high-interest rates waiting for you. When I say high-interest rates, I mean up to 5.6% interest return on a 5 years investment.

About RateSetter

RateSetter brings borrowers and investors together through peer-to-peer lending.

  1. You invest your money with RateSetter.
  2. They lend the money to people and businesses.
  3. Ynd you receive your money back plus interest every single month.


In total, RateSetter lent over 2 billion pounds so far. That’s huge.

The best part is that the investors have already received over 76 million pounds in interest.

High-Interest Rates

Today I received an email saying that their interest rates are at the highest in a long time, which means that now is the time to invest with RateSetter.

Looking at the image below you can see that between 16/07/2018 and 19/07/2018 you could place your investment and get up to 5.6% return on investment, which is great. I’m no expert to say if these are high or low risk investments but I know that I deposited my money on a RateSetter account and I don’t regret one bit.
High-Interest Rates
ROLLING – Invest a minimum of £10 and withdraw at any time.

1 YEAR – You invest a minimum of £10 for 1 year.

5 YEAR – You invest a minimum of £10 for 5 years with monthly repayments.

Note that on all three options, terms and conditions apply.

I Invested £500 With RateSetter

Like I said, I deposited my money in a RateSetter account and I don’t regret one bit. As you can see in the image below I deposited £500. I only did this last month so when I logged  in today to check how are things going , I was positively surprised that I already earned £1.84 in interest.

RateSetter Proof

Receive £100 When You Invest £1000

There’s a campaign going on so it’s my responsibility to let you know all about it. If you invest £1000 with RateSetter you can get £100 bonus. Insane right? Click on the image below for more info.

Note that terms and conditions apply.RateSetter

Let me know in the comments below your opinion about peer-to-peer lending investments. Also, I’d love to chat with you on Twitter and on Facebook.

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