My Investments Research Will Help You Too – 04 Oct Update

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I invest in eToro, so I often need to research to find good opportunities. Below is some of my research. It might help you too.


My eToro account is recovering nicely.

Here’s what I found today:

  • PayPal Holdings

A strong buy according to eToro analysis. Now trading at $92.38.

  • Mastercard

According to this article, this is a good buy right now. I bought it at $301.01.

  • Berkshire Hathaway

If Warren Buffett’s successor bought $68 million today, I think it’s a good idea to do the same. Afterall my inveatment is 6 million times smaller. I bought it at $279.25.


I have identified 2 investment opportunities today.

  1. Tesla – Dropped over 8%. Bought it at $245.74.
  2. Microsoft – eToro says it’s a buy.


Microsoft (MSFT)

Promising. Currently trading at $239.60. I’d say it’s a buy for a long-term position.

*Good prediction on 03/10/2022.


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